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Have you ever wondered how to break through the booking cycle to get yourself, your client, or your organization on television or radio? You’re busy, your time is valuable, and you’re looking for media exposure.


We work with you to find your hook and get you placed. We don’t just book you on a show. We work with you to understand the business. We book guests daily for national and local TV and can utilize our contacts to get you the type of media attention you desire.


We know the television business from the inside out and pitch you and your colleagues each day for various interviews. If you are an author having a hard time getting on air, it’s due to one simple fact: producers care more about your area of expertise than your book! We help you cut through the endless clutter of useless press-kits that never get read and secure the media bookings you deserve.


If you are already a public figure, and simply want to boost your profile, we will help you connect directly with the broadcast decision makers and help you build long-term relationships with the right people. As a result, we are selective in accepting clients.


Eric and Lucie Mitchell are amazing and do an incredible job fighting for their clients to get National media exposure, as you would expect from a former Marine. Always giving, honest, and willing to mentor, LifeFlip Media feels more like a friend that's got your back rather than a business in all the good ways

Matt Kuchera

Vet Pivot

Eric’s clientele are intelligent, professional men and women of profound integrity. They’re dedicated to improving our world, and Eric makes the world aware of their high caliber character with his service at Life Flip Media. It’s been an honor to help showcase them on the Get Up Nation®️ Show. I highly recommend Eric!

Ben Biddick

GetUp Nation

LifeFlip Media is all about integrity! When was the last time you had a media company that actually cared about your success? Eric is friendly, thoughtful and engaging, but always has a plan ready to win. He likes to win. He expects to win. He's always looking out for his clients' best interest.  

Brandon Burton

Securing Life Today