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At LifeFlip Media, located in Flower Mound, Texas, we’re not just your typical media booking firm. Led by the dynamic husband and wife duo, Lucie and Eric Mitchell, we stand out in the crowd. Unlike PR firms and publicists, Eric and Lucie Mitchell regularly make appearances on national TV and top-tier podcasts, forming personal connections that others can’t match.

As a respected media placement agency, our primary goal is to secure exceptional national TV and podcast placements for our valued clients. We’re proud to be a veteran-owned and women-led agency, and we specialize in representing conservative and faith-based brands and influencers throughout the United States. Our mission is to amplify their voices on the media stage.

In today’s media-centric world, effective communication is paramount. That’s why LifeFlip Media offers a comprehensive range of services, empowering our clients to thrive and expand their influence in their respective industries. From start to finish, we’re here to guide you through the ever-evolving media landscape and help you leave your mark.

Lucie and Eric Mitchell Founders of LifeFlip Media 

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LifeFlip Media: TV Booking, Find Media Guests. Unlocking media opportunities for your brand.

LifeFlip Media offers a comprehensive solution for your National TV and Top Tier Podcast Placement media requirements. Unlike traditional publicists, we approach guest bookings with a television producer’s mindset. This means we carefully consider all segment elements, including studio locations, pre-interviews, supplementary graphics, B-roll footage, and more. We also diligently vet and confirm the credentials of every guest. Lastly, we collaborate with guests to maximize cross-promotion for their appearances.

LifeFlip Media TV Booking is your solution to breaking through the booking cycle and securing valuable media exposure on television or radio. With a deep understanding of the business, we go beyond simple bookings to find your unique hook and get you placed effectively. Our extensive network and industry expertise allow us to pitch you and your colleagues daily for a variety of interviews, ensuring you get the media attention you desire. Whether you’re an author struggling to get on air or a public figure seeking profile enhancement, we provide specialized attention, coaching, and long-term relationship building with the right broadcast decision makers.

LifeFlip Media TV Bookings for Networks is a guest booking service that prioritizes the needs of television producers. We go beyond traditional publicist thinking by anticipating the essential elements required for a successful segment. From arranging studio locations to conducting pre-interviews, providing supplemental graphics and b-roll, and more, we ensure every detail is covered. Our rigorous vetting process confirms the credentials of each guest, guaranteeing their expertise and relevance. Additionally, we collaborate with guests to maximize cross-promotion opportunities, further enhancing the impact of their appearance on your show.

Eric Mitchell is unmatched at what he does! You will not find another service that firstly, CARES for their clients and secondly, gets RESULTS! With this team, I went From an average Instagrammer to being on Fox in front of millions! Truly incredible.


Unbelievable what these people are able to do! It’s literally like magic! One minute you’re nobody, the next you’re on national television! It’s incredible! Not to mention Eric is top notch! VIP treatment!

Glenn Lundy

LifeFlip Media and Eric Mitchell have the connections and acumen necessary for success in this industry. They get the job done, do what they say, and are cool all the while, highly recommend.

Mike Bausch