5 Simple ways to write a book in 2019

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Writing is hard enough, but when your writing is finished and your book edited, you have to start worrying about something else: How will your readers see your book? Traditional authors who publish through publishing houses, don’t have to worry about this so much. However, anyone self-publishing must begin worrying about this as soon as they decide to become a writer. But what should you do? Here are five tips to help you with your journey.

Create a Name.

Think about your business name. Most self-published authors choose to publish under their business and will create a website name based off of their writer name, Problem? People aren’t googling your name. Instead, consider creating a brand image and name that represents what you write about. For instance, romance writers can use something like Big Love Writing and use an image of an expanding heart. This way, you create a recognizable name that people will remember and your logo will them exactly what to expect.

Plot, Plot, Plot.

Secondly, you need a plot for your book. At least a generic plot that goes over the main points. Having a plot as soon as you begin planning the book will help you think about brand marketing weeks in advance. Are you writing about vampires? Plan a vampire-themed launch party, you can buy fangs with the title of your book on them. Writing about love? You can purchase big hearts with the title of your book and heart-shaped candies. Before the first chapter is finished, you can research things related to your book and plan ahead of time.

Find Your Team.

Everyone thinks that writing is a solo project, but this is not always the case. Finding the right tribe can be your biggest asset in brand marketing and doesn’t have to break the bank. An author PA (personal assistant) is your biggest asset. PA’s can help make sure your brand is recognizable. They can design logos, covers and brand voice. If you don’t want to do all the leg work yourself, or the idea of brand marketing confuses you, this will be your best bet.


Don’t just schedule your time for writing, schedule the date you want your book ready to publish. When should the book be done? If you’re writing a series, this can help with brand marketing in a massive way. You can plan out the entire series title by title. You can have marketable book covers before the book is finished. You can plan marketing materials months in advance, book launches, speaking engagements, and interviews.

Marketing Is Important.

Brand marketing is the most important tool an author has in their bucket. By brand marketing, your readers will know exactly what your books look and sound like and exactly what to expect from your writing. Branding doesn’t have to be hard or done alone, still, it takes discipline and scheduling. Find the tips that work for you and focus on your marketing before you even write the first word of your book.

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