Cherry-picking with Social Media Giants

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Your business is like a garden, it requires constant care and nourishment in reaching its fullest potential. In our age of digitization, a well-planned social media marketing strategy will provide you with the “fertilizers” for that special garden of yours.

Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook have become popular marketing tools for many businesses of all sizes. If you have not already capitalized on these online marvels, it is probably the best time to do so! An effective social media marketing campaign focuses on the key points you wish to impart, all condensed into the most engaging delivery.

You want your readers (potential leads) to learn more about what you offer, why you stand out and how you can truly help them if they chose to learn more. But most importantly, you got to ensure your message (your brand) is delivered loud and clear without any bit of information left to second guesses.


Founded in 2004 with the goal of managing online contacts and communication, the platform has gone on to become a hotbed in social media marketing. Facebook offers business owners and marketers with powerful built-in tools such as Facebook Ads and Facebook Events, which can really fuel your campaigns.

Create a live video if you wish to connect with your audience using a more human touch. An interactive promotion can be a real game-changer in an industry flooded with static information.

Additionally, a professional business profile on Facebook is easy to create and maintain. Always remember to tell a story through your logo and profile. When users decided to browse your page, they should immediately understand what you provide and where you are coming from.

So, go ahead and pull out the entire portmanteau of tools. Apply images, videos, links (to your website and other social media accounts) to paint the ideal picture of your business. It also does not hurt that Facebook has the greatest leads conversion potential with over 2.4billion users (as recorded in the 2nd quarter of 2019).


An online social sphere responsible for the rise of full-time influencers. Instagram is all about speaking wonders with the use of pretty pictures accompanied by apt captions. And of course, never forget the use of the ubiquitous hashtag.

Update yourself on the latest hashtags circulating within your industry or scope of business and you might just propel your posts to viral status within minutes of upload. For example, if you are a techie, you might add #technology or #blockchain to your piece. Hashtags enable you to broaden your audience outreach in record time when done right.

Additionally, Insta-stories are an effective way to promote a limited time offer. They are ephemeral video content that disappears forever (they are not even archived), which may reap maximum rewards with a generation of consumers known for the fear of missing out.


Twitter provides the fastest way of broadcasting a marketing message. These days, many websites apply tweetable widgets in their content, which can really help spread a unique message. The platform is an excellent online tool for business updates and marketing sneak peeks in a flash.

The unique character-limiting structure of Twitter forces users to keep things succinct and effective with every tweet- No long-winded descriptions and lengthy promotional jargon here.

The main idea lies in capturing the attention of your audience with engaging words. Conclude your tweet with a link to your website where you can continue the rest of the conversation.

For an optimal online presence, it is essential to promote your campaigns via multiple platforms and always upload content regularly because an inactive profile is certainly not going to win any favors.

If you are not using PR as part of your brand building strategy, it may be time to consider it. Contact LifeFlip Media today to learn how we can help you grow your brand.

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