When to Outsource Accounting for Your Small Business

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As a small business owner, there’s always a lot to worry about. You’re often pressed for time, and you may find controlling every aspect of your business is a hard nut to crack. One crucial area you’ll likely need help in is accounting. The reality is there are many benefits you can enjoy from outsourcing…

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5 Marketing Practices for Your Service-Based Business

3 Rules for Branding Your Veteran-Owned Business (Even if your product isn’t unique)

A service-based business differs markedly from a product-based business. Without a commodity and inventory, you must sell ideas, intangibles, and promises. This takes a different strategic approach and practices that many service-based business owners never quite understand. The following are five marketing practices you should implement for your service-based business. 1. Find Your Unique Position You…

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Why Millennials Care About Impact Investing and Why You Should Too

Impact investing is a relatively new concept, with a composite goal of positively impacting society and the environment while simultaneously making a profit. It’s categorized into three main segments: Environment, social and governance (ESG). Estimated at $46 billion in asset investment and projected to grow up to $3 trillion, as an investor you definitely want…

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