Travis McVey

Eric is a man on a mission and a warrior in every sense of the word. A fellow Marine Corps Vet, he possesses both vision and tenacity. Eric displayed both in quantity as he took Life Flip Media from an idea to reality and now represents many of the top Veteran Entrepreneurs in the business today.

He is also incredibly creative and routinely discovers and develops opportunities where others see only obstacles. Finally, Eric is driven by a burning desire to support other veterans and see them succeed in life and in business. I am honored to work with Eric not only as a client but even more honored to have him as a friend and fellow veteran entrepreneur.


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Justine Evirs | CEO of The Paradigm Switch and Executive Director of Bunker Labs, Bay Area

LifeFlip Media is changing the game and showing the world what veterans are really made of... purpose, passion and servant leadership!


CEO of The Paradigm Switch and Executive Director of Bunker Labs, Bay Area
Phil Dillard

Eric is an outstanding publicist and media strategist. People have lots of ideas about what Marines are exactly all about and how they transition into the workplace. In my experience, Eric epitomizes the best of what I love about that branch of the service. Eric is disciplined and tenacious. He’s friendly, thoughtful and engaging, but always has a plan ready to win. He likes to win. He expects to win. He’s always looking out for his clients’ best interest, caring more about their bottom line than an invoice or a paycheck. He proves himself over and over in every interaction I’ve had with him. We’re fortunate to have him as a partner. You will be too.


CEO, Black Ant Enterprises
Heather Dopson

The team at Lifeflip Media is committed to immediate action leading to measurable results. There is no bs, there are no hidden objectives and they operate with transparency - which is exactly what I expect when working with any company. 

Eric Mitchell has done an outstanding job identifying the caliber of clients he wants to work with and he develops strong partnerships based on professionalism, loyalty and performance. The military community is fortunate to have a phenomenal Marine working hard for us!"

Community Builder, GoDaddy
William Treseder

Eric is an incredible publicist, and one of America's main advocates for veteran entrepreneurs. He joined VETCON as an early partner, and was a driving force behind our breakout success.

Co-Founder, VetCon
Michael Brito

Wow, what can I say? Not only is Eric a fellow Marine and industry colleague, he is genuinely a nice guy. He’s extremely knowledgeable with inbound and digital marketing. He’s not just a thought leader in the space but he’s also a “do leader”; meaning he can also walk the walk. He’s great with people and an outstanding speaker.

GM, Head of US Digital, LEWIS Global Communications


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