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The Warrior Class Writers Bureau (WCWB) is designed to give a voice to writers whose values align with ours and who are seeking to interview prominent members of the Warrior Class and to publish their works beyond their personal blog space.

Our clients include the most well-known Warrior Class business owners and we're frequently looking for new voices to tell their stories to the world. The WCWB will be the first place we look for contributors, giving its members the opportunity to interview these prominent business owners.

As part of the Public Relations community, LifeFlip Media has the opportunity to get our writers featured in many top publications.

Who can join the WCWB?

Membership in the WCWB is by invitation only. We are active members of many communities and invite individuals whose voices we believe align with our mission. We rely on members of the WCWB to call our attention to others to whom we should extend an invitation.

What will you be writing about?

We seek to tell the stories of the Warrior Class. This may include members of the military, first responders, caregivers, or the welder who put his work on hold to go help rebuild after a natural disaster. The stories we tell are of normal people who hold themselves to a higher standard, who seek to rise above the norm in service to their community and their fellow man.

We tell the stories of the scrappy business owner facing challenges who made it work, and the college student whose father or mother died in 9/11 who lives his/her life as a tribute to those who have gone before. We announce triumphs and the blazing of new trails. When in doubt, ask yourself if this is a story you would tell the next generation to inspire them to be better than average. If it is, tell it.

What will you submit?

  • Written articles 500-750 words. These should be in final (not draft) format and include photographs that you are authorized to share. Do not include copyrighted images. All photographs must have written consent included upon submission.
  • Videos with write-up. Prefer to build video content? Go for it! But please write up a short summary of that content to help draw readers in. If you know how to include closed captions, it is highly recommended that you do so to facilitate viewers watching the video without sound on social media platforms.
  • Audio Content. Same as with video - if you want to put together amazing audio content, do so, but please provide matching written content
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Ready to join the WCWB?

We are always looking for new writers to join the bureau. If you are interested please submit a sample of your writing to writers@lifeflipmedia.com. In addition to the writing sample please include 150-300 words on why you feel you fit into the Warrior Class and how you will help bring a new perspective to the writer’s bureau.


Send us your article submission and we'll follow up with next steps.